The purpose of is to connect all the impacted communities by becoming a trusted hub of information.


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Welcome to the launch of our weekly newsletter for 

The story of our website goes back to the early days of when the New Albany International Business Park started to land such giants as Google and Facebook. A few forward-thinking folks began to talk about how these large investments in our region could spur even more tech development. In fact, I had a chance to chat with a local Google executive who said he thought we would become the next Silicon Valley.

That was all pre-pandemic, so things slowed down when Covid-19 hit. But the thought remained about the enormous potential for technology-based growth in the heart of Ohio and the nation. And that spurred a name, Silicon Heartland, and the idea for a website,

And then came the big announcement in January 2022 that Intel was coming with its $20 billion investment, two semiconductor manufacturing plants, and all the jobs and services that would follow. We knew we were on the right track, particularly after Intel executives and even President Joe Biden began referring to our region as the Silicon Heartland.

Our website is geared toward four key audiences:

  • People who already live and work here
  • Individuals who want to move their businesses here
  • Community and government officials
  • Folks who want to do business with everyone listed above

We like to think of ourselves as the conductor of an orchestra trying to bring together a multitude of parties so we can play off the same page. Right now, there is a lot of information flying around, particularly all kinds of opinions. And it’s coming from many directions. It can be a little chaotic.

The purpose of is to connect all the impacted communities by becoming a trusted hub of information. will be a destination for: 

  • News about the region
  • Property listings
  • Job postings
  • Business directories
  • Listings about cities, suburbs, and villages

We think readers will range from local residents to those across the country (if not the world) to learn about this unprecedented development and the waves of growth it will spark.

In short, this website aims to be a one-stop shop for all things Silicon Heartland, providing factual, non-biased information. 

For the past year, we have talked with business and government leaders to get a sense of what people would want to know. We see ourselves as “in addition to” what is happening. We want to be collaborators. 

And we’re also putting together a group of advisers that will help chart our path, starting slowly and making sure we do things the right way.

We appreciate your patience and support as we move forward in becoming a resource to see what Silicon Heartland will eventually become. 


Jake Bame, co-founder of

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