Key findings on passenger rail, biking, walking and more


Change is not only coming to northwest Licking County, but also all of Central Ohio. As the region is expected to grow by up to 800,000 people in the next few decades, area leaders are grappling with how to control growth.

One recent development is a survey series called Leaders Listen, which is a partnership of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, The Columbus Dispatch and CHRR (a research center) at Ohio State University.

The series started with a survey on transportation and mobility. More than 2,500 residents in 15 counties participated. Here are some key findings:

What are the moderate to extreme barriers to buy and use an electronic vehicle?

85 percent: Purchase price

77 percent: Access to charging

52 percent: Knowledge of EV

Convenience when not driving a car

56 percent: Inconvenient to walk to work

46 percent: Inconvenient to bike to work

44 percent: Inconvenient to walk for errands

40 percent: Inconvenient to bike for errands

What should be the No. 1 ranked transportation investment?

90 percent: Find passenger rail moderately to extremely helpful

Concerns about moving around your own community

The top three answers:

  1. Riding the bus takes too long
  2. Not enough safe bike routes
  3. Too many unsafe drivers
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